Adrenalina Gold

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KITS Wellride Club.002.jpeg

Adrenalina Gold

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ADRENALINA's new Race Day Kit was designed with the same attention to the most finite detail that you expect from a top of the line clothing.

The new ADRENALINA Race Day Kit is made by KAFITT in collaboration with Wellride Lab Development. This innovative materials combined with body temperature regulation technology, works to transfer moisture at varying rates. When your body is hot, and your perspiration levels are high, the material reacts by accelerating moisture transfer from your skin to the fabric's surface, where it dries quickly. Inversely, when your body cools down, the opposite results, where the evaporation process slows down, using body moisture as a means of retaining warmth. For additional body temperature control and increased moisture wicking, the ADRENALINA Race Day's underarm panels have been constructed with KAFITT's highly elastic, lightweight mesh. The placement of this material provides you with both a free range of motion and enhanced breathability.

This translates to a contoured fit that isn't too loose or too tight, complementing larger body types and those who prefer a smoothly stretching, supportive top over a compressive, race-cut jersey. Of course, this jersey, like all KAFITT kit, has been designed to accommodate the body within the cycling position. Accordingly, you'll find that the fit feels tight and oddly contoured while standing. However, the moment that you stretch to the hoods or get into the drops, you'll feel that signature Wellride "click," and your ride will be guaranteed to be absent of any bunching, chafing, or pinching.