FULL NAME: Beata Wronska
INSTAGRAM: @beataxterra
HEIGHT: 5.4”
WEIGHT: 125lbs
DATE OF BIRTH: 03/10/1975
STRENGTH: It has to be my endurance and really positive mindset. There is almost nothing that can slow me down. The tougher it gets the more I thrive and excel in it. I just love a challenge and I never give up.
HOMETOWN: I was born and grew up in Gdansk, Poland.
RESIDENCE: Now I live in Boynton Beach, Florida USA with my husband Pax.
FAVORITE MONTH: Back in Poland March had always been my favorite month and I think in my heart it stayed that way. It’s were you could see the first signs of spring; the sun rays would come out more often as well as the first snow drop flowers would start sprouting from beneath the snow. I loved those times and could feel the life energy.
FAVORITE FOOD: Polish potato pancakes with a stew that my father made.
WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO RIDE: Simply put, the challenge of how fascinating and challenging the mountain biking is and was when I just started and the great reward of riding and clearing obstacles that were impossible at first. Of course, along with it the simple love for the outdoors and riding amazing trails and being outside on different terrain in all the beautiful places around the country and world... I also thought that mountain biking was quite bad ass.
FAVORITE CHEAT MEAL: I would say Polish pierogi but there has to be many more things that would fall into that category…
FAVORITE HEALTHY MEAL: Roasted brussels sprouts and beets and Caesar salad with baked salmon. Also, home-made soups.
RACING OBSTACLE YOU OVERCOME: There was plenty of those and there are always new obstacles and things that still are intimidating to me. At first, was breaking my both arms just a week after competing in my first mountain bike race. I was hungry for technical terrain but didn’t have the skills yet. I did come back however even stronger and hungrier for the sport, this is where all the good and real passion started. I realized that it’s the process and joy that counts and not getting right away on the most difficult obstacles but working your way up there slowly. I enjoyed every moment since and still am.
WHAT MOTIVATE YOU TO RIDE: Everything. It comes deep from my soul. I have great love and passion for being outside and being on my bike. I love the feel of rolling through the tails, railing the berms, going over roots and rocks and riding fast, sometimes very fearlessly while racing or training. There is always something new to be ridden, seen, felt. It’s a journey. Every ride is a new experience. It simply brings me happiness to be out there and it makes me feel very happy and complete. Being on the race course is also very exciting with riding full speed, on the edge of the limits, defining new limits, exceeding new goals and having great people around on the race course as well as cheering for me. I love it all, the peaceful and often lonely rides as well as those adrenaline packed races full of competitors and spectators. I am very happy I can do what I love and do it well. It’s my passion…