Fast and flat, rowdy and technical, punchy and hard-no matter the course, the Ambizione is the best tool to get you to the top of the podium.

Race tracks have evolved over the past few years, they're more technical, steeper, and simply more challenging to ride. But instead of quivering in our boots, we saw this as an opportunity to make something special—something that both World Cup athletes and amateurs riders alike can instantly feel the benefit from. Our engineers have been focused on one thing only, improve the overall performance of the bike, spending a remarcable amount of time studying the geometries, the head angle, reach, stack, chainstay length, fork offset, etc., and reevaluated all of it. Increasing the reach made a bike that was more stable at speed and generally more comfortable to ride. 




FRAME SPECS.001.jpeg




MY2019 GEOMETRY.001.jpeg